Studies show that market leaders in Modular homes do not contain the breadth, options and versatility as the Brightman Envirocel. Initially we will differentiate on being the only environmentally friendly product on the market that helps clients reduce their carbon footprint and lower costs through renewable energy. 

Competitor products do not include the following:

  1. Are totally adaptable to customer requirements.
  2. Affordability.
  3. Integrated advanced PV into the structure of the building.
  4. Collection of rain water filtered for consumption. (rain water harvesting)
  5. Offer the versatility of being used for additional applications such as water tanks, vermin proof food silo’s, communal refrigeration option, and a version that floats.
  6. Connect together both horizontally or vertically to enlarge the footprint with ease.
  7. Have the provision for extending into larger structures such as modular commercial size buildings of the same design.
  8. Altered with ease to fit internal walls, staircases.
  9. Altered with ease to install bespoke furniture options.
  10. Ability to be dis-assembled and relocated.