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Our Projects

The driving force behind Brightman Industries is to act as a professional conduit to provide support for those less fortunate than ourselves.

The driving force

Routes through commerce are underestimated in this respect, but can harness fantastic opportunities to offer products, finances and services that combine to help people and communities out of poverty and into a more secure place.

Restoring self esteem, respect and a deep sense of hope and value are fundamental principles that we nurture and support.

We promote these through the design, manufacturing and selling of a wide range of exciting products.


PRO-LAB: a range of advanced laboratory grade water purification units. Sixty model variations that contain unique features meeting a wide range of needs within that industry based on 100 years of combined experience.

Envirocel: we have a patented flat pack modular structure designed to meet the needs of millions of families across the globe in desperate need of safe accommodation.

Many other projects are in the pipeline. Keep your eye on our news in the blog!