Business - with a purer source

By Jeremy Hassell
Business – with a purer source Jeremy Hassell

Business – with a purer source

There is something that is not talked about much in business. It’s something that seems ‘out of place’, a perception of being ‘soft’ and making a company seem ‘weak’ and ‘vulnerable’.

It’s something that has been around for all eternity and will never end. It encompasses everything and anything, but with a purpose to support and value people and the environment in which we live. It’s called love.

And yet it’s the most powerful force known to mankind, something we all desperately need, that runs through our veins, in our very lifeblood, and a channel to serve and support our fellow humankind.

If a passion to make money were our aim, then we may as well be consigned to history like a spent rag. Our motive, the very thing that drives us – is the hope that what we are called to do serves all people, without exception, to become what they were always called to be. A valued, loved, member in our society and the World in which we live.

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