Frequently Asked Questions

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How many PRO-LAB combinations are there? There are 60 variants covering Type 1, 2 and 3 laboratory grade waters.

Can you supply external reservoirs? Whilst standard models include a 16 Litre internal tank, you have the option to fit an external 40 Litre or 80 Litre tank to increase storage capacity.

Is the hot water version available? This version is the final version of the ‘Small Product Range’ to be launched soon. Any use of hot water quite rightly brings relevant certification into play. These will be available shortly.

Will you be increasing the model range to provide flow rates higher than 1.9 L/min? Indeed, we already have plans to launch these. Watch out for details as we bring these new products to market.

Do you have representation overseas? We are already in talks with companies who meet our strict criteria. These will appear on our web site in due course. Please contact us if you believe that you would want to represent Brightman in your Global Region.

How does PRO-LAB win over its competitors? Our established competitors produce some very capable units and we respect that…but we have moved on, improved, and have unique features and processes that will disrupt things for a while! We fit Luer delivery points for withdrawing water using a syringe to maintain water quality as standard. We also exchange the EPU (Exchange Purification Unit) and reuse most of the parts for your exchange unit. Consumables do not form any part of our ethos. We are genuinely ‘Environmentally Friendly’.

What is your delivery time from order? Once these units are launched then we are working towards a fully stocked warehouse. This means that we can expedite on the same day as your order. However, a four-week delivery schedule would be normal to start with.

Why do your competitors advertise ‘18.2 megohm/ cm @ 25˚C’ on their web site for the Type 1 units and you put ‘Usually 17.5 megohm/ cm @ 25˚C’? Achieving 18.2 megohm/ cm @ 25˚C across this specialist area is a remarkable achievement and needs to be critically assessed independently. Based on our 100 years of combined experience in this field, we believe our figures are a very honest representation of what is consistently achievable out there. We work with the best ion exchange manufacturer in the world, the best materials available to minimise leaching and bring the purified water to the point of use as quickly as possible. Our test equipment is all independently verified by external audited instrument specialists in their field. We welcome you to invite a comparison or further questions on this.

Can my pure water get contaminated once dispensed? Enormous effort is made to purify the water within our PRO-LAB Range. Advanced technologies and filtration techniques that include air which comes into contact with the water in the reservoirs. When users dispense purified water into atmosphere, then it has the immediate potential to be contaminated. Whilst we offer a dispense nozzle to those who demand this, the primary route to withdraw purified water is by way of a pair of our Luer connectors as used in catheters – as an example. This minimises the possibility of contamination.

Is the PRO-LAB cheap to run? Yes! One of the advantages of PRO-LAB EPU’s is that they are very quick to build, test and certify. We believe that it’s important that research and development, clinical environments, Universities and schools have affordable access to pure water. We are a privately-owned company and deliver cost effective solutions!

Envirocel FAQ

How much is a typical Envirocel unit? A single unfurnished Envirocel Modular Structure is priced at approximately £20K. This includes double glazing throughout and a uPVC Door with lock. Bespoke furniture, PV, Rainwater Harvesting and the float option are extra.

Does the Envirocel require planning permission? Whilst the Envirocel is classified as a temporary building, we advise that you contact your local District Council Planning department for local authority guidance.

Can the Envirocel be used all year round? Yes, it can. The Envirocel is fully insulated which helps to keep it warm in chilly weather and cool in hot climates.

What are the dimensions of a single Envirocel unit? The Envirocel has external dimensions of 4.4 M height (2.4 M internally from floor to ceiling) x 5.5 M across the Hexagon side walls or 6.4 M from corner to corner.

Can I build my own Envirocel? The Envirocel is designed for quick assembly by it’s owners and arrives in a flat pack kit. No tools are needed.

How long does an Envirocel take to erect? The average assembly time is around four hours with three people.

What foundations are required? A firm base (ideally one cubic meter of concrete beneath each pad (1.0 M Deep x 1.0 M wide x 1.0 M long). However, the Envirocel has been designed for rugged terrain in rural communities in third World Countries. The feet have large pads to spread the load and can be adjusted in height. Customers who wish to use these for dwellings etc in Europe as an example, will need to consult their local authority for building regulation advice. This will be based on many factors that will allow for local geographical considerations.

How are units powered? Photovoltaic (PV) panels can be secured to the roof and connected through to a distribution board. The Envirocel can also be powered up via local mains supplies in accordance with authority standards for that World Region.

What is the lifespan of an Envirocel? The Envirocel is made up of advanced composite materials. These are robust and long lasting. Whilst we provide a warranty of 12 months (as standard), we would expect these units to exceed a twenty-five-year life span.

Can Envirocels’ float? We have designed a ‘Float Version’ that can be used in areas susceptible to flooding. In addition, they can be used for water-based communities. We designed the float version mindful of disaster areas and places susceptible to tsunamis. It is very strong. Buildings that float have a far greater possibility of keeping their occupants safe than standard homes. More information upon request.