How It All Began

Pure, clear thinking. Since 1962

Our Pedigree

In 1962 Martin Hassell was invited to join Elga Products Ltd at Lane End in Buckinghamshire. The owner of Elga was the late Walter Lorch who pioneered water purification as an evolving industry at that time.

The Forerunner

Martin Hassell became Elga’s Technical Director designing and building two Ion Exchange Regeneration Stations that became synonymous with a company that was leading the way in this specialist industry.

He designed a broad range of laboratory units that became the forerunners of what we understand as the norm today.

The Hassell Legacy

Martin left Elga in 1973 to form his own company (M Hassell and Partners Ltd) and in parallel became director for Aquatec Marketing Ltd at Newbury selling a wide and diverse range of water purification products across the UK.

During this time, his son (Jeremy Hassell) became involved by default as an apprentice learning the various aspects of the water purification industry.

British Design Award

The Hassell intellectual legacy resulted in the Prestigious ‘British Design Award’ being presented to Jeremy Hassell for his contribution to the introduction of a brand new and innovative Laboratory Unit called the Elgastat UHQ in 1987.

He then oversaw the production of the evolving range of advanced Laboratory Units right up to his departure in 2007 to run Brightman Industries.