It Started in 1962

By Jeremy Hassell
It started in 1962 Jeremy Hassell

It started in 1962

In 1962 Martin Hassell was invited to join Elga Products Ltd at Lane End in Buckinghamshire. The owner of Elga was the late Walter Lorch who pioneered water purification as an evolving industry at that time. Martin became their Technical Director designing and building two Ion Exchange Regeneration Stations that became synonymous with a company that was leading the way in this specialist industry.

He designed a broad range of laboratory units that became the forerunners of what we understand as the norm today.

Seven years ago Martin Hassell completed the design of an advanced ‘Fully Automatic Regeneration Station’ for Brightman. This has been designed to handle significant volumes of Ion Exchange Resins each year.

This will be built at our new facilities and allow us to offer customers a ‘complete solution’ to the Global Marketplace.

Being environmentally friendly means recycling as much as you can when purifying water. Consumables are exactly that. We prefer to bring the exhausted cartridges back for regenerating, and let our clients enjoy the benefits of purified water that are handled in an environmentally friendly way.

We will keep you updated as these services come online.

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