Product Assembly Services - here to help

By Jeremy Hassell
Product Assembly Services – here to help Jeremy Hassell

Product Assembly Services – here to help

For over a decade, Brightman Industries has been assembling high quality sub-assemblies for use in the laboratory field. This can frighten off potential clients who might associate this kind of work with a high hourly rate! Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’re happy assembling garden furniture for you, domestic products and light industrial assemblies. It really doesn’t matter what field of industry you belong to, we are here to help. We scale technical needs with sensible hourly costs.

Our assessment of industry is that product manufacturers like to focus on the core product build, and then subcontract their sub-assemblies to trusted third party companies who will deliver on time. We hope that you will warm to our professional approach and allow us to quote.

Please call our friendly team and we will chat through any services that we offer.

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