Product Design Services - a different perspective

By Jeremy Hassell
Product Design Services – a different perspective Jeremy Hassell

Product Design Services – a different perspective

One of the really exciting things about product design, is to see things from a different perspective.

Introducing paradigm shifts (sometimes gently and sensitively) can bring huge rewards far and beyond product simplicity.

A recent humanitarian product was evaluated by us. and we spotted the possibility to improve the design and make it cheaper to manufacture. This – in turn – allowed their funds to go further and thus save more lives.

Whilst we aim to evaluate the endless possibilities to improve upon products out there in the field, the idea that more lives are saved as a result can be really humbling.

We welcome the opportunity of working with you to improve upon your excellent products.  We are also enthusiastic to support any opportunity to improve the wellbeing of people through improved product and concept design.

On a wider basis, we are happy to review your product and act as advisers to see whether things can be approached differently from a technical, fit for purpose and cost effective point of view.

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