Improve the Status Quo. Save lives with Envirocel.


Martin Luther King said, ‘On some positions, cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?, vanity asks the question, “Is it popular?”, but conscience asks the question, “Is it right?” The ultimate measure of a business is not where it stands in moments of convenience, but where it stands in moments of challenge, moments of great crisis and controversy and ultimately how far it’s prepared to go to find a solution to a global need. This is Envirocel.

Envirocel: a game changer

Brightman Industries have designed, developed and patented a quality, cost effective, environmentally friendly modular building system for both domestic and commercial use.

Envirocel really is a game changer with a range of applications only limited by the imagination. The base Brightman Envirocel is a unique and advanced flat pack modular structure that is designed for diverse applications including homes, clinics, field hospitals and military quarters.

It has the capability to store and purify rainwater and provide its own electrical power via Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels without the need for complex and expensive infrastructure.

Ultra-Flexible Production

The design has evolved over five years into a product that can be mass produced using well known manufacturing technologies, which are easily automated according to global market requirements.

The structure is versatile and allows for a wide range of bespoke additions that include a kitchen, bathroom, PV, and other options. These include flotation versions and structural extension capabilities both vertically and horizontally.

Everything can be altered with ease to fit internal walls, staircases and for the installation of install bespoke furniture options. It can also be dis-assembled and relocated.

Unique Benefits

We are totally adaptable to customer requirements, more affordable and will include integrated advanced PV into the structure of the building very soon.

We cater for the collection of rain water filtered for consumption and offer the versatility of being used for additional applications such as water tanks, vermin proof food silo’s, communal refrigeration option, and a version that floats. It also connects together both horizontally or vertically to enlarge the footprint with ease.

Envirocel has the provision for extending into larger structures such as modular commercial size buildings of the same design.

Come and take a look around

These images are software graphic produced illustrations from CAD drawings using actual dimensions of the structure and furnished using standard size equipment. Brightman will offer a range of bespoke furniture to maxmise usage of the available space. Click on the image to enlarge.

Technical Information

Major Kit Components. These are assembled together using specifically designed coupling components that will be supplied as part of the kit. All components are designed for ease of construction without the need for specialist knowledge or expensive tools.

  • 6 Outer Wall Panel (3 Plain, 2 Window, 1 Door)
  • 7 Support Pillar
  • 1 Support Pillar Extension Piece
  • 24 Horizontal Beam
  • 6 Rafter Beam
  • 6 Rafter Beam Cap
  • 6 Floor Panel
  • 6 Roof Panel
  • 1 Top Centre Cap
  • 7 Base Plate (Feet)
Single Unit Dimensions

Envirocel materials and finish options

The Envirocels are made from advanced plastics, and with an option to fit either steel coated insulated panels/cladding for the roof and walls, or GRP insulated panels with a gelcoat finish.

This means that the external finish for the Envirocel allows for generous options for uses throughout the World. Camouflage, brick effect vinyl transfers, cottage effect with beams and red tiles and so on. The sky is the limit! These will incur additional costs dependent on the type of style and graphics complexity required.