Changing the way the world treats water


With increasing strains on research budgets, you need a solution that is simple to run and ‘modular in concept’ to allow for any changes in your evolving Laboratory needs. PRO-LAB provides clear advantages over established products in the global market place. PRO-LAB has no environmental waste costs, very low running costs, and sterile delivery and heat sanitisation options. It’s ground breaking.

Environmentally Friendly

Typical lab water systems use throw away polishing cartridges. Unfortunately, the disposable of these comes under hazardous waste regulations. Purchasing managers are frustrated to have an additional waste disposal cost on top of service costs.
The PRO-LAB unit features a sterile connector which allows for the withdrawal of ultra-pure water using a syringe or hygienic dispenser. This option allows your professionals to withdraw pure water with minimal atmospheric contamination that normal open air dispense methods allow.

Low running costs

PRO-LAB is able to deliver very low running costs through the unique “PRO-LAB system stack” The PRO-LAB system stack contains the critical elements of the process (RO, polisher and UF) in one sealed replaceable stack, not just the polisher/exchangeable cartridge. When the PRO-LAB touch screen panel indicates a change is required, the stack is simply removed and exchanged with the standby stack. The used stack is picked up by a PRO-LAB agent and the replenishing and renewal is then completed off site.

Heat Sanitisation

The PRO-LAB unit holds a stainless steel tank of 16 litres capacity. This enables an option to hot water clean appropriate items within the unit further enhancing control of bacteria and endotoxins. The PRO-LAB system is designed with a unique optional feature to control bacteria and endotoxins. The integral 16 litre stainless steel vessel can be used as a hot water sanitisation loop. The PRO-LAB unit is fitted with ultra-filtration technology typically utilised in the production of purified water for the manufacture of vaccines. These filters can be sanitised to high temperatures.

Features and Options


  • Compact Laboratory water purification unit
  • Usually 17.5 megohm/ cm @ 25˚C
  • High flow rate dispensing – 1.9 litres/min
  • High definition touch screen display – multi-lingual option
  • Stainless steel storage tank – 16 litres
  • Sterile ultrapure water connector
  • Continuous water quality monitoring
  • Point of use filtration
  • Safe 24V DC operation
  • ‘Quick release’ sterile water delivery connector as standard


  • 10.0 megohm/cm @ 25˚C option
  • Bacterial/endotoxin control
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Hot water sanitisation
  • Volumetric Dispense
  • Continuous system monitoring