Survival in a Tsunami

By Jeremy Hassell
Survival in a Tsunami Jeremy Hassell

Survival in a Tsunami

Anyone who has seen the footage of tsunamis is Asia Pacific and the like would have been horrified by the devastation inflicted by natural disasters. Whole communities swept away and lost.

It struck me as I watched some of the scenes that many of the buildings floated, albeit for a brief time before being consumed by the torrent going inland.

The Envirocel can be fitted with some very robust floats. As the water level rises, then the float lifts to protect the Envirocel and occupants to act as a giant bumper full of closed cell foam. This means that any punctures have minimal affect on its floatation capabilities and carries on floating inland.

Many people are lost as the objects they climb on are then carried back out to sea afterwards and we’ve thought about that too.

So, what have we been inspired to do?

As a way of helping to minimise life losses, the Floatation Envirocel is designed so that it sits on its own pads within its own float. The float acts as the walk way and these are interconnected throughout the communities by the sea.

Should a tsunami or flood sweep in, then a securing anchor would break at a pre-engineered ‘weak link’ which would initiate a GPS location device on the roof. The robust floats would rise around the structure, thus increasing its centre of gravity and stability and carry the occupants through some pretty rough waters. As the waters receded then they might be carried out to sea. The GPS would alert rescue teams to their location to be either hoisted off my helicopter, boat or simply towed back.

On board emergency kits would include rainwater purification filters, comprehensive first aid kits, desalination units, fishing lines with bait, PV for electricity and other essential elements to meet critical needs prior to rescue.

We would be looking to trial this concept at the earliest opportunity in situations not too dissimilar to the conditions it would meet in this environment. I just wonder how far it would survive down the Grand Rapids!  A fantastic challenge in waiting.

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