System Assembly

We're all about first class service, processes and specifications

System Assembly Done Differently

Brightman Industries have been providing electromechanical and mechanical assemblies for over a decade. We can assemble complete systems, sub assemblies or individual components to your exact specification. We can also provide an end-to-end service which encompasses design, component procurement, engineering, manufacture, assembly and test…or any of these elements you choose. There is no upper or lower limit to quantity. For example, we’ll fit thousands of ‘o’ring seals, assemble 250 control panels or put together a prototype wiring loom.


To us, the two most important aspects of designing your product or assembly are that it can be used, and it can be made.

Our in-house facility offers substantial experience in designing products for many sectors.

Working with you, we determine key aspects such as functionality, usability and ergonomics, safety, aesthetics, connectivity, life-cycle, unit cost, time to market and many more.

And being an assembly and manufacturing specialist, we’ll ensure that the design of your assembly, product or component facilitates prototyping and manufacture in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


We have the capability to assemble any electromechanical device, with very few exceptions.

Typical assemblies include, assembly of complete, or elements of control panels, switching, sensing, signalling and control units, motors and pumps, loudspeakers, automotive and aerospace components. We can handle all of your assembly requirements, or help you manage changes in workload caused by demand, downtime, headcount issues and other scheduled or unforeseen circumstances.

All work is planned, procured, managed and installed by highly trained, competent personnel fully briefed on your project.


We provide a complete manufacturing service, differing from our assembly services in that we supply (produce and/or procure) some or all of the component parts.

To your design, specification or even just your idea, we can manufacture entire electromechanically-based products.

Working with you at every stage to ensure the end product will meet your expectations in terms of functionality, design, cost and time to market.

Processes offered include: fabrication; machining; printing, labelling, wiring; coating, painting and specialist finishes: assembly; testing; packaging.

Processes and Specifications

Brightman produce a range of wiring kits for the medical industry primarily for dialysis machines and manufacture a range of sub-assembly components for a major international client. Regardless of what we do, it’s the processes and detailed specification that will make a real difference for you.

Key processes are identified at the planning stage to allow scheduling of verification of components and assembly processes, with progress continuously monitored against a project plan with – where relevant – regular reviews undertaken with you.

We work to your exact specifications or where appropriate, may suggest modifications which will improve the design or quality of the finished item. As part of our assembly service we can also provide electromechanical design as well as procuring (including specifying) components and materials, functional and environmental testing, packaging and despatch.