Business – with a purer source Jeremy Hassell

Business – with a purer source

There is something that is not talked about much in business. It’s something that seems ‘out of place’, a perception of being ‘soft’ and making a company seem ‘weak’ and ‘vulnerable’. It’s something that has been around for all eternity and will never end. It encompasses everything and anything, but with a purpose to support…

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Survival in a Tsunami Jeremy Hassell

Survival in a Tsunami

Anyone who has seen the footage of tsunamis is Asia Pacific and the like would have been horrified by the devastation inflicted by natural disasters. Whole communities swept away and lost. It struck me as I watched some of the scenes that many of the buildings floated, albeit for a brief time before being consumed…

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Product Assembly Services – here to help Jeremy Hassell

Product Assembly Services – here to help

For over a decade, Brightman Industries has been assembling high quality sub-assemblies for use in the laboratory field. This can frighten off potential clients who might associate this kind of work with a high hourly rate! Nothing could be further from the truth. We’re happy assembling garden furniture for you, domestic products and light industrial…

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The Brightman Envirocel – we’re monsoon friendly Jeremy Hassell

The Brightman Envirocel – we’re monsoon friendly

It struck me recently, just how exciting it is what has been developed in the way of a modular housing solution that is fit for purpose in both the developing and developed worlds. This is a ground-breaking range of environmentally friendly modular home products and services, under the brand name Brightman Envirocel. The base Brightman…

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Product Design Services – a different perspective Jeremy Hassell

Product Design Services – a different perspective

One of the really exciting things about product design, is to see things from a different perspective. Introducing paradigm shifts (sometimes gently and sensitively) can bring huge rewards far and beyond product simplicity. A recent humanitarian product was evaluated by us. and we spotted the possibility to improve the design and make it cheaper to…

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The need for housing the poor is urgent Jeremy Hassell

The need for housing the poor is urgent

I’ve just seen again that in 2005 the United Nations published figures showing that the number of people termed as ‘homeless’ around the World was 100 million and a further 1billion lacked ‘adequate’ housing. This is appalling. In life, we can either talk about things or do something about them. According to the document, this…

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Domestic Water Filtration e-commerce site launched Jeremy Hassell

Domestic Water Filtration e-commerce site launched

Great news is that we have been granted official distributorship status for the Pollet Group. This now covers a several thousand product lines which include domestic water filtration, industrial grade units up to 30,000 L/hr and a whole host of accessories. We’ve created an online web site for the domestic range (See and will launch…

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Uncomplicated Water Treatment Jeremy Hassell

Uncomplicated Water Treatment

Reflecting on the service aspect in commerce today, Water Treatment certainly doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s important for enquirers to know that they are not being blinded by science! The need for water purification usually comes out of upgrades, company expansion, small or large projects alike. The whole point of an approachable team at…

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