The need for housing the poor is urgent

By Jeremy Hassell
The need for housing the poor is urgent Jeremy Hassell

The need for housing the poor is urgent

I’ve just seen again that in 2005 the United Nations published figures showing that the number of people termed as ‘homeless’ around the World was 100 million and a further 1billion lacked ‘adequate’ housing. This is appalling.

In life, we can either talk about things or do something about them. According to the document, this was the last time a global survey was carried out. Events of the last few years have shown the migrant and refugee crisis reaching epidemic proportions adding further pressure on governments around the world.

In Syria alone half the population (12 million) fled its borders and mainland Europe is now no longer immune to the crisis. These statistics underline the growing need for providing affordable, safe, environmentally friendly, self-sufficient modular homes using advanced PV technology and safe drinking water facilities.

Modular structures have now emerged as one of the more promising opportunities in the provision of budget homes for both those in need and those looking for cost effective accommodation. It is our hope that the Brightman Envirocel will make a major contribution to providing safe, cheap and quality homes for these dear folks.

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